Vintage Single Extract Essence

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An anti-aging essence infused with fermented green tea leaves that improves the look of elasticity, clarity and texture and preps skin for steps to follow.

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This award-winning essence contains a high concentration of green tea to visibly improve skin’s elasticity and tone. Strong antioxidants in fermented green tea help defend against and neutralize external factors that cause ageing.

Essential to any regimen, this essence is crafted with hand-picked green tea leaves from our exclusive Dolsongi garden on Jeju Island. The leaves contain unprecedented amounts of catechins, known to have one of the most powerful antioxidants, and are fermented for 100 days to reach optimal strength.

How to use

After cleansing and toning, apply morning and night before moisturizing. Tip the bottle, lightly shake 2-3 times and dispense onto your palm. With both hands, apply on your face and neck in a massaging motion and lightly pat to promote absorption.

Key Ingredient:

Green Tea Leaf Extract: Helps visibly improve skin’s clarity, texture, and elasticity with anti-pollution properties.

  • Product Description: 70ml


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