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10% commission from purchases.


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Customised creatives available.


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Get access to a personalised dashboard and monitor your performance.


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Quick and personal support from the PRINCESSA Affiliate Team.


Isn’t it fun to get the things that you want? Because when you want something, we give you a way to get it! The life only few of us can get.

Experience the royal life of a PRINCESSA Brand Ambassador! Discounts on the fashion pieces every girl wants to have for you and your posse plus admissions to the hottest and coolest clubs in the metro and a host of other exclusive perks and privileges! This life many have envied.

About PBAP


1. Discount coupons for you and your friends! With the coupons, first-time shoppers under your name will get a 15 percent discount on any of our products. Succeeding shopping sprees will also be at 5 percent off, and you get 10 percent commission for every purchase. Also, upon approval of the account, you’ll get a SGD10 shopping voucher!
2. The PRINCESSA ambassador card warrants you to VIP access to our partner clubs – the hippest and coolest party places in the city.
3. The ambassador who makes the most number of sales can get the chance to land the pages of SAUCEink magazine! And…
4. Loads of freebies and luxury item to be given away just for you!

How It Works


  • You will get two coupon codes that you can give away to your family, friends, or followers; one is for first-time shoppers and one for loyal PRINCESSA shoppers.
  • First time shoppers can use a unique coupon code to get a 15 percent discount on any of our products. Another coupon code is for repeat customers to get a 5 percent discount on their purchases. As a brand ambassador, you will get a 10 percent commission for every item purchased under your name.
What an easy way to give your closet a makeover and earn at the same time, right? The life a PRINCESSA Brand Ambassador can have.

How To Earn

1. Sign-in or Sign-up for a PRINCESSA account.
2. Apply for the an account HERE (same registration as the affiliate programme) or click on the button below.
3. Make your first purchase – we are looking for ambassadors that truly loves and wears our brand!
4. Go to the next tap “Application Form” and fill in the form and submit.
5. Upon approval of the account, you’ll receive SGD10 credit to your account and the (physical) ambassador kit that contains:
  • A PRINCESSA Brand Ambassador Card.
  • A set of name cards with your discount code on it that you can give as gifts to your followers, family and friends.
  • The PRINCESSA manual which contains everything you need to know about how you could make the most out of your stint as a PRINCESSA ambassador.
The difference between the ambassador and the affiliate programme is its privileges, discounts for family/friends/fans, and also the (physical) ambassador kit. Benefits from the affiliate programme are available for the ambassadors but not vice verse.

Terms & Conditions

What do I need to consider?

Our terms and conditions regulate the rights and duties between the website/blog operator and PRINCESSA. Please read them carefully in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Who can I contact?

For questions regarding the PRINCESSA ambassador programme, we are available. If you have your own ideas or suggestions on how to effectively promote our programme, feel free to contact us! We will be glad to make individual arrangements for you.

Contact us at

Remember to sign up for an account after you’ve submitted this form!

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