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10 percent commission from purchases.

Customised creatives are available.

Get access to a personalised dashboard and monitor your performance.

Quick and personal support from the PRINCESSA affiliate team.


The affiliate programme is basically like recommending people clothes you like, using your blog or social media platform. For example, Carolyn is a fashion influencer and generates thousands of unique views per month. She signs up for the affiliate programme, then integrates the banner/links of PRINCESSA to her website or social media profiles and promotes the brand/clothing.

Example: Jane, an avid fan of Carolyn, is browsing through her website/blog and saw the mention of a stunning black jersey-type dress and clicked on the link/image/banner. 

She is then redirected to the PRINCESSA website and decides to make purchases. 

Carolyn will then receive a 10 percent commission on the total purchase (e.g. Jane purchases a few items through that link, totalling USD 150, Carolyn will get USD 15 commission from the purchase).

You do generate commission from your own purchases.

Apply for the PRINCESSA affiliate programme HERE or click on the button below.

We will then review the application and decide whether to accept you into our programme or not.

Choose from the selection of advertising strategies and select the one you feel is most suitable for you and integrate it into your own website/blog. 

PRINCESSA can assist during the process.

Shop as you earn instantly!


  • 10 percent commission per sale.
  • Tiered commission structure and other FREEBIES (e.g. travel opportunities, giveaways, etc.) to reward top sellers.
  • Cookie lifetime: 7 days.
  • Sale validation: 45 days after receipt of order.

The PRINCESSA affiliate program is an easy way to make money. You will be paid a sales commission for each transaction through your referral link.

Profit of 10% commission per sale.

Sales will be processed within 45 days after the receipt of the order.

After 45 days, PRINCESSA verifies the orders; confirms, amends or declines the transactions. An amended transaction allows partial refunds to ensure that the publisher/blogger is still rewarded. After processing, the payout is carried out by our finance team to the publisher/blogger via PayPal or Bank Transfer (depending on the country of residence).

The selection of the appropriate banner size and location are important factors. Choosing a suitable format that gets the reader’s attention is a must.

Text Links
In posts and description tags, every publisher or blogger can use specific text links that encourage the user to click and make a purchase.

Here are a few examples:

  • Discover new clothes for your closet at!
  • Buy wonderful and delicious gummies from PRINCESSA!

If you require special banners, other promotional materials or unique content for your website, please contact us at: [email protected].

What do I need to consider?
Our terms and conditions regulate the rights and duties between the website/blog operator and PRINCESSA. Please read them carefully to avoid any misunderstandings.

Who can I contact?
For any queries you may have, you can drop us an email at [email protected]

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